Friday, May 29, 2009


Introduction & Benefits of Kriya Yoga
A WORKSHOP & Seminar with Paramahansa Atmanandaji

SATURDAY, May 30, 2009 • 2-3 PM

Fulton Central Library & Library System Headquarters

One Margaret Mitchell Square • Atlanta, GA 30303

Paramahansa Atmanandaji is a highly qualified Doctor of Medicine. His specialization in Neurology, the science of the brain and the nervous system, has proved to be a great help in the understanding and teaching of Kriya Yoga as a scientific and ageless technique to good health, peace, happiness, and eventually to self-realization.

Kriya Yoga is a scientific method offering simultaneous benefit to body, mind, and spirit. It includes time-tested Yoga techniques like Mudras, Pranayams and Meditation to bring health and happiness in everyday life. Kriya Yoga benefits are a calm mind, healthy and strong body, sharp and penetrating intellect, excellent memory, prompt understanding, and ready wit, along with self-realization. This workshop offers a no-obligation introduction to this ancient art, with the opportunity to go further for those who are interested.

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  1. Om Kriya Babaji Namah Aum,
    Greetings from Long Beach. I have been studying Kriya Babaji Yoga under George Bernard who was taught by Yogiar SAA Ramiyah for a few months. I really enjoy it as well as the history lessons of the Tamil Siddithas. I would definately endorse it.

  2. Thank you Mista Jaycee...I had initiation yesterday by Guruji & it was ultimate bliss!!