Friday, January 2, 2009

In do you want to be remembered for 2009??

Michael Murphy sent me this and I feel like it is a wonderful exercise that I wanted to share with my loved ones. I know how much my vision board helped manifest my dreams in 08 and I feel like this will help guide to similar success for 09. Wishing you peace, love & prosperity!!!

(By the way...if you are on Facebook...I highly recommend you join Michael Murphy's group Positive Attitudes for Success.

It is January 1, 2010.
No? Well, imagine 'as if'it is.
Look back on 2009.

What did you accomplish?

What successes did you experience?

What did you do that you'd always wanted todo?

What changes did you make that you've always thought about making?

What actions did you take that caused those positive changes?

How happy are you with your life on Jan. 1, 2010?

What is making you smile and feeling amazingly grateful as you think back over the past year?

Now, get you a notepad,legal pad, steno notebook, journal.
Write it all down.
Start carrying this withyou and reviewing it often.

Let it be your constant companion.
If anyone asks youwhy you're carrying itaround, tell them,"Oh, its just a blankbook (pad) that I'm fillingup with some prettyamazing things. That'sall."
Or, like a friend minesays, "Oh, its just myroadmap."
Then, leave themwondering what you'reup to.

I'm seeing amazingthings happening inyour life, looking'back' on 2009! :) I'm seeing dreamsfulfilled.
What are you seeing?

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  1. How right you are.....
    I am taking a new mindset and approach on life, and positive things, writing, creating, producing, about to make it to the top, be it God's will!!!
    Your words are mighty and encouraging, Ms. B
    keep up the good work......